Research Virtual Assistants: Reach your research goals faster, easier and cheaper

A growing number of companies, especially in the scientific research sector, are outsourcing their data extraction and analysis tasks to external firms. The trend has been fuelled by a combination of cost-cutting measures and technological advances that make remote laboratory work increasingly efficient.

Recently, there has been an increase in the availability of research virtual assistants who provide these kinds of services.

Research Virtual Assistants – What are they?

A research virtual assistant (RVA) is a person who works remotely to help with various tasks related to scientific research, such as data input, data searches, surveys/questionnaires, emailing survey participants, writing blog posts about research findings, etc.

RVAs are typically paid to conduct research for clients who have budget constraints. Hence, they usually work with companies or individuals who do not have the budget to hire full-time employees or who simply need additional help on specific tasks. Some RVs can work on a full-time, permanent basis whereas others offer their services on a freelance/contract basis.

Virtual research assistants, who work remotely can do many tasks that would otherwise need to happen in a lab at a physical location — and they can do these tasks from anywhere in the world. This is why the demand for RVAs is on the rise as it saves scientists time, money, and effort.

How can a RVA benefit you?

Research virtual assistants provide a wide variety of benefits to clients:

  • Cost-effective: One of the key benefits of using RVAs to help with research assignments is that they are much more budget-friendly than hiring full-time employees to carry out the work. This benefit comes from not only reduced payroll expenses but also other cost savings such as reduced office space and equipment needs for remote research workers.
  • Time-saving: Research virtual assistants are able to complete tasks that would otherwise need to be done in a lab, which saves companies a great deal of time (and money) in the long run.
  • Improved quality: RVAs can help you get more accurate results faster by outsourcing tasks that require extensive research in the lab, such as data collection and analysis.
  • Effectiveness: RVAs have proven to be effective tools for scientists because they remove the need for companies or individuals to hire additional employees while still being able to conduct essential research tasks remotely from anywhere in the world. This makes them ideal for small business owners and freelance work seekers who are short on time and money but still want their work done correctly.

What are the areas that can benefit from a research virtual assistant?

  1. Market research
    Companies are increasingly being asked to perform market research to help them find out what the market wants and where they need to focus their product or service. Market research is an essential part of business operations, which can often take several hours during a regular workday. So, outsourcing such tasks to virtual research assistants can save companies time and money.
  2. Business research
    Businesses benefit greatly from some of the research tasks completed by RVAs, such as market research mentioned above. Other tasks beneficial to companies include financial analysis, investor prospecting, and competitor analysis.
  3. Sales research
    Sales research is essential to ensure that companies are providing the best service and products by keeping up with their competitors. This is where virtual assistants come in and become valuable to sales teams throughout companies as well as individual salespeople at each company.
  4. Academic research
    Because of the specific nature of academic research, it needs to be done with great care and attention to detail. While many universities have the resources available to conduct such research, not everyone can afford it. Outsourcing such research tasks can help them pay for much-needed facilities and also save valuable time that could be used by students elsewhere.

Also from a student’s perspective having a RVA also helps in the completion of assignments, a better understanding of studies, and better retention. Virtual researchers can provide students with a greater degree of efficiency and convenience.

  1. Data research and analysis
    Data research and analysis have become a major part of the work that many companies or organizations are involved in. Today, more than ever, the importance of collecting reliable, accurate data is prevalent for better decision-making. Having such information at hand is critical to a firm’s survival.

RVA can come in handy here as well by providing lucrative offers to data researchers and analysts. They can collect reliable data as well as analyze it, while still keeping costs low for clients.

And should the need arise, RVA professionals can be contacted for research assistance with more complex tasks that fall outside the realm of normal academic research and analysis assignments but are just as vital to a firm’s success.

  1. Internet research
    As consumers and businesses have become more aware of the benefits of the internet, more and more companies are turning to online research. This has led to a lot of companies hiring virtual assistants who specialize in this area to do the work for them.

Since the internet has become a more integral part of our everyday lives, it has made researching for information much easier than it used to be. Nonetheless, getting good-quality research done in a timely manner can still be a challenge, as there are many online tasks to be accomplished each day. The expertise and efficiency of a RVA can come in quite handy here as they know all the tricks of their trade and will have all the resources at their disposal as they work. RVA’s also know how to do things on the internet like no one else does and can deliver information in different formats, like PDFs or e-books.

  1. Lead generation
    Lead generation is an essential part of marketing. It’s important that companies are able to generate leads in a cost-effective manner. This can be achieved by outsourcing this task to RVAs, who know how to conduct the research as efficiently as possible.

Lead generation can also be vital for businesses that are looking for other help to enhance their marketing or sales efforts. For instance, a sales team can benefit greatly from having RVAs on their team as they know all the tricks of the trade and will have all the resources at their disposal as they work with clients.

  1. Trend research
    Trends are an important part of any business, from major corporations to small start-ups. Being able to understand the latest market trends can help businesses increase their profit margins and remain one step ahead of their competition.

Research virtual assistants can help in this area as well by keeping abreast of the latest trends and following them closely. This is important to creating a brand image and maintaining it successfully.

  1. Social research
    Social media is a growing marketing phenomenon that many companies are taking advantage of today. Yet, not all firms have the resources to dedicate towards such endeavors for the time required to be successful online.

This is where RVAs can be extremely valuable in providing assistance in this area as they know how to conduct social research efficiently and effectively. They can also provide this information in a timely manner, which many companies find quite helpful.

  1. Medical research
    Medical research is important to ensure that new medical breakthroughs are being made on a regular basis that benefits patients all over the world. Outsourcing medical research tasks to RVAs can help save companies or organizations time and money while still ensuring that high-quality results are achieved.
  2. Keyword research
    Keyword research is important for online marketing as it helps businesses find the best keywords to use in their content. It can also help in determining the right keywords to make use of for future SEO or content writing tasks.
  3. Travel research
    Whether it’s for vacation planning or to help a client make better travel decisions, RVAs can provide companies with travel research and assistance. Researching for information in this area can often take a lot of time, but with the help of RVAs, companies can save money and time.
  4. Competitive analysis
    Competitive analysis is very important even in today’s business environment which often relies on a firm’s ability to remain competitive, particularly when dealing with larger corporations. Businesses need every advantage they can get and can outsource this task to an RVA that specializes in such work.
  5. Comparative research
    Most companies conduct comparative research to ensure that they’re on the right track when it comes to product development, service quality, and customer care. Comparative research is also important for understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a particular firm compared to its competitors.
  6. Influencer research
    Many brands rely on influencer marketing as a way to increase their popularity and highlight their products. Companies without any in-house marketing departments will need to hire an influencer research assistant for assistance in this area.
  7. Customer research
    The success of any business depends on having satisfied customers. A company or organization that has a customer base that is loyal to its brand can expect to prosper greatly. This is where hiring RVAs for customer research comes in handy. They can provide companies with invaluable information on current and potential customers to help them retain their clients.

Research virtual assistants are high-skill, on-demand professionals who can save you time, money, resources, and resources. If you’re looking for an employee to assist in research tasks or help solve any of your research needs you should contact one today.

You can easily find a virtual assistant who can handle all the above tasks, as well as many others. The best part is that since there are a plethora of qualified trained candidates to choose from, it’s possible to find affordable assistance as well. There is no reason why you shouldn’t consider outsourcing research tasks to a RVA if outsourcing helps your company in the long run and doesn’t impact business operations negatively.

Sandy Allain

It’s not just about getting work done quicker and cheaper, it’s also about getting your business more efficient. Outsourcing means you don’t have to do something yourself so you have to be around for other duties while at the same time completely reducing any tasks that aren’t essential.

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